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Diet Mate ®

BeWellatTML enrollees receive a 20 percent discount on DietMate ® products. For your convenience, you have a choice to order DietMate® over the phone or through our website. To order by phone, call toll-free 1-800-543-3744 and identify yourself as a BeWellatTML enrollee. To order over the website, simply visit Diet Mate ® and complete the order form.

Act now and receive items worth more than $39 at no additional charge!

With each DietMate®, you'll receive:

  • DietMate® Program
  • DietMate® Cookbook
  • DietMate® Video
  • Easy-To-Use Instructions
  • Get Started Quickly Card
  • Leather Case

There are many benefits of using DietMate ®:

  • Complete - It's like having a dietitian, a nutritionist, a personal coach and a supportive friend by your side.
  • Personalized - It creates your own personal weight, cholesterol and hypertension control program based on your age, sex, height, weight loss goals, exercise preferences and lifestyle.
  • Easy To Use - No keyboard, only 7 simple buttons for making choices and answering questions
  • Does the Work for You - Provides menus, calorie counts, checks cholesterol and sodium intake, eases you into exercises, charts your progress, and even creates a shopping list for you.
  • Convenient - No time-consuming meetings - always there when you need it
  • Real Food - No powders, liquids, pills or pre-packaged meals. DietMate® offers delicious, well-balanced, nutritious meals using real food
  • Eat In or Dine Out - Menus are designed for everyday living so you'll find both quick and elegant home-cooked meals, as well as restaurants and even fast food and frozen meals.